Farmhouse Cheese

The cows

We have a small herd of 80 award-winning pedigree Guernsey cows, averaging 30 cows in milk at one time, and 30 followers. Each cow is known by name and individual personality. Kept to the highest standards, every attention is paid to their care. A brand new, very spacious cow shed provides comfortable shelter in the colder months and harsher weather, while the cows have the freedom to graze over lush pastures in kinder weather.

Jason milks the cows twice daily at 12-hourly intervals, and due to the high quality feed and kind management, the milk produced is luxuriously creamy and lends itself superbly to cheese production. Due to the high butterfat and protein of the milk, the cheese produced has a lovely golden colour with a rich, creamy flavour.

We have all-year round calving to enable a steady milk supply right through the year. The majority of our milk is used for cheesemaking, with small amounts being sold bottled or used for cream, butter and yoghurt production.

We are members of the Guernsey society and show our cows at various events including the Suffolk Show, Royal Norfolk and the Dairy Event.