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Other Produce

Home Reared Meats

Home reared meats, including beef, pork and lamb

Traditionally, dairy bull calves are slaughtered at birth due to the economics of rearing them for meat. We are able to rear our own bull calves until two years of age, allowing them to enjoy a good quality of life but still providing affordable meat. Guernsey beef is exceptional- very tender and full of flavour, and our beef is less costly than beef from the supermarket.

We also have home-reared pork- our pigs are fed the whey which is a bi-product from the cheesemaking process, and the result is lovely succulent meat.

“Additionally, we have our lamb, our growing flock is used to graze our cow pastures at the end of the season, helping the land’s efficiency, whilst providing high quality lamb

Meat Packages

Seasonal meat boxes for beef, lamb and pork are available. For more information email enquiries@suffolkcheese.co.uk or look on our Facebook @SuffolkCheese

Christmas Hampers

We offer a selection of specially made cheese and meat hampers, to find out more contact orders@suffolkcheese.co.uk

Hampers can be collected from the farm shop, or a courier service of £15 per consignment can be arranged. Local deliveries may be possible.

We also have sausage meat, streaky bacon, hams, beef joints and mincemeat as well as an assortment of locally made jams and chutneys. Please contact us for more information.